Purple Wedding Autoflow


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It is nothing else than our great Purple Wedding, only in the autoflowering version. This autoflowering hybrid gives the highest possible yield while offering autoflowering. To create Purple Wedding Auto, we used our full-season Purple Wedding and our two largest autoflowering marijuana strains, Big Poison Auto and Green Bud Auto. The resulting hybrid gives even greater yield and greater strength of its dense buds. If we decide to grow in indoor, Purple Wedding Autoflow needs 80 days from seed to harvest and we can expect it to grow up to 120 cm and provide 190 grams of yields from one plant. Purple Wedding Auto is especially perfect to grow outdoor in cold parts of the world. You can expect harvest after 85 days, plants reach up to 130 cm and give around 210 grams yields per plant.

  • Grows: Indoor and outdoor
  • Autoflowering seeds: YES
  • Genetics: Purple Wedding x Big Poison Auto x Green Bud Auto
  • Variety: Mostly sativa
  • Indoor harvesting time: 80 days
  • Outdoor harvesting time: 85 days
  • Indoor plant height: 120 centimeters
  • Outdoor plant height: 130 centimeters
  • Yield per indoor plant: 190 grams
  • Yield per outdoor plant: 210 grams
  • THC content: 23%
  • CBD content: Low
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